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Arriving in Nashville, Music City, in 1990, Tim realized he just didn't want to work for anyone anymore, after being an Opening and Training Manager for a national restaurant Company, Crew Chief for Landscaping/Irrigation for Camp Snoopy at Knott's Berry Farm, building Fresh Water Swimming Pools with Islands in the middle,Waterfalls with Caves behind in South Florida, and becoming a professional 1st Engineer at Studios in Southern California. So he started Herringbone  Studio, making Song Demos for free to build a 'Demo Reel' and building a reputation for high quality work.

The first complete Album he Engineered with some of the finest Studio Musicians w in the World was for Wayne Carson. We recorded only songs Wayne wrote...Always On My Mind, The Letter, Horse Called Music, Soul Deep etc. This was where Tim first worked with Jonell Mosser and Vickie Carrico on Vocals, Pat Bergeson on Guitar and The Late Great Scotty Hawkins on Drums. An amazing opportunity to work with these wonderful World Class Musicians and People.

The first album done under Herringbone  auspices, a Latin Flavored Singer/Songwriter project,  included Pat Bergeson on Guitar and Harmonica along with Mark Douthit on Sax, Stan Smith on Drums, Ken Soper on Keys and Dave Roe on Bass, All World Class Musicians.

Always increasing the quality of his gear, until he was finally able to add a beautiful Vintage Harrison MR-4 Analog Recording Console, surpassing the Sound  Quality of Studios in his price range.

Contracting, Producing and Engineering over 40 albums in his first 24 years in Nashville, all with some of Nashville's Finest Musicians, all playing both Live and in Studio with Legendary Artists. No matter what Style of Music, Jazz, Rock, Country, Singer/Songwriter, Funk, Blues, Swing, Reggae, Bluegrass etc., Always Stylistically Appropriate, with an eye towards experimenting when called for. We All consider the Music to be sacrosanct. Every piece of Music is Custom Made, whatever style.

Between Floods, Tornadoes, Explosions and Pandemic, this has been a difficult time for Nashvillians, but the Herringbone Studio is still Alive and Kicking, bringing 'Good Enough is Not Good Enough' care to every bit of Music Recorded with Musicians who care as much as Tim does himself. 

Owning Herringbone  Studio in Nashville, TN since 1990, Tim Shean has been making Music all his life. Living in Woodstock, NY from 1964 through 1977, Tim was surrounded by Legendary Songwriters and Musicians. His High School band started in 1965 and he began recording in 1968. Growing up in Woodstock, thru the '60's and '70's, he was exposed to a very wide variety of musical styles of Legendary musicians and writers.The local writers were Happy and Artie Traum (Please check out, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Tim Hardin, Eric Anderson, Jackie Lomax, Billy Batson and Holy Moses, The Band ("Garth Hudson used to give me albums as they came out"), Todd Rundgren, Leslie West. Local sax player, David Sanborn. Local Harp player, Paul Butterfield (Butterfield Blues Band, Better Days). Local bands were Orleans (Still The One, Spring Fever), The Full Tilt Boogie Band (Janis Joplin's band for the Pearl album), Full Moon (Buzz Feiten, Neil Larson), The Fabulous Rhinestones (Kal David, Harvey Brooks, Terry Grebb), Stuff (Richard Tee,Eric Gale, Steve Gadd).  They're the ones who set the bar as to what it takes to be a Pro. Always sing and play your ass off, Always. Write your own tunes. If you play a cover song, make it your own version. Local jazz players were Warren Bernhart -piano, Michael Mainieri -vibes, Jack Dejonette -drums. Acoustic music; Happy and Artie Traum, Billy Faire, Loudon Wainright III, Folks from the Jim Kweskin Jug Band; Geoff and Maria Muldar, Bill Keith and Jim Rooney. Also Amos Garrett, Jim Weider, Cindy Cashdollar. Lots more. Not bad for a little Catskill Mountain town of only 3,500 people.

      Tim also lived in Southern California and worked in studios there, honing his craft and getting his first Album Credits. He also was chosen to assist Steve Kempster to record the soundtracks for The Ice Capades, with a 48 piece Orchestra. Since moving to Nashville, in 1990, Tim has run The Herringbone Studio, Producing/Engineering over 40 independent albums of many styles, tons of Demo's, Spoken Word projects, Nature CD's etc.

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